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The Alarm won out. The record starts off with Dancing Cigarettes, probably one of the best unheard unrecognized underground bands at the time, and it’s a doozy in the Pere Ubu, Styrenes vein of sound.

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As I started to get into music, I had the same feeling about rock’n’roll heroes. But when college radio led me to start writing about music and interviewing bands, the mythical aura began to fall away. Eventually music writers became my heroes– Richard Meltzer , Gerard Cosloy , Seymour Glass — and because I was doing what they were doing, I figured I could actually talk to them, at least by mail, if not in person.

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Click here to order this issue now at the Arthur Store. Radical Experiments in Hands-On Living wanted to understand what motivated her life-long anti-consumerism. She found the answer underground. Illustration by Kira Mardikes.

Friendly Hero: Byron Coley’s “Dating Tips For Touring Bands”

First full-length spoken word LP by music writer, jazz editor, underground columnist, author, poet, record label mogul, and footnote pioneer Byron Coley. Segments of underground cultural history done in verse constitute the A-side, with subjects both heroic and villainous. The flip consists of an abridged chapter from Coley’s upcoming novel, Dominoes. Check out my other items!

Byron Coley-performer writers, photographers, and filmmakers that include noted critic Byron Coley, drummer Chris Dating Tips for Touring Bands [VINYL].

The first spoken word LP by author, music journalist, poet, and head of Ecstatic Yod Records, Byron Coley, talking about underground cultural history in verse on Side A, and reading from his forthcoming novel, “Dominoes” on the B Side. Coley is one of the first writers to have extensively documented indie rock from its inception to the present day. Coley was a contributing writer and the Underground Editor at Spin in the s and ’90s, and currently writes for Wire and Arthur with Thurston Moore.

He also runs Ecstatic Yod, a record label and shop based in Florence, Massachusetts. He has also appeared in documentaries about musical artists Half Japanese, Minutemen, Jandek, The Holy Modal Rounders and Borbetomagus, in each extolling the genius of the subject matter. For the Deluxe Edition of Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation, he contributed to the liner notes with a reflective essay on the legendary album.

Coley is also a published poet and occasionally gives public readings of his and others’ works. He also wrote a biography of Chuck Norris that was published in In , Coley became involved with Feeding Tube Records in Northampton, Massachusetts, a record store where he sells rare items from his personal collection.


But many have recognized these scars, from near and from afar, and have worn them proudly for quite some time. This man I am referring to goes by the name of Byron Coley. Or perhaps I should say that his life is probably much more interesting and therefore larger than yours. But that ladder has a purpose.

Friendly Hero: Byron Coley’s “Dating Tips For Touring Bands” I had worshipped Coley’s writing for a while– mostly his record reviews for.

Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience. Following extensive psychedelic drug use and a stint in a mental hospital, Roky spent the greater part of the last four decades suffering from schizophrenia. McAlester finds Roky living with his brother, who has aided in his recovery and encouraged his return to music. A couple of years ago, I decided to give a listen to Dirty , the only CD that could be found in our collection.

But I tried to like them: I added a new CD by them to our collection, The Eternal , and when they announced that they would be playing in Argentina, I considered buying tickets. I guess I never imagined that their South American tour would be their last one. Sonic Youth took a path parallel to these bands, simultaneously leading and following them into fields of discordian joy.

For it was eventually shown that the Golden Age of the Alternative was a bust.

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Byron Coley continues to write with insane enthusiasm about Coley’s LP Dating Tips For Touring Bands (Hot Car Warps – ) was named.

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Spencer Yeh and Ben Hall. He currently lives in Sparkill, NY. He is a primary member of Borbetomagus. At age 13, he began formal guitar lessons. He remained in The City for a quarter century.

Byron Coley Dating Tips For Touring Bands Hot Cars Warp Records LP Byron Coley’s recent volume of reviews and recollections, C’est La Guerre, highlighted​.

Or browse results titled :. Splice-Free Radio Minneapolis, Minnesota. Contact Splice-Free Radio. Report this track or account. If you like Splice-Free Radio, you may also like:. This Heat by This Heat. The full back catalog from classic post-punk act This Heat comes to Bandcamp. Methods Body by Methods Body. Now available on vinyl, the debut album from Methods Body treats listeners to an avant-garde, experimental sound that mimics space travel.

La Selva by Uay. Guadalajara’s Uay combine cosmic hand drumming and guitar shredding for a potently hypnotic blend of distinctly Mexican psych rock. Super Hiss by Mark Tester.

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