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Who is Viola Bloom? Mystery surrounds new comic curse from Adam Ellis

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We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, a more up to date browser (or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer). This week, absurd advice from XKCD’s Randall Munroe, and a xkcd, which features stick figures, a lot of pop culture references and science jokes.

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The comic’s tagline describes it as “A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language”. Munroe states on the comic’s website that the name of the comic is not an initialism, but “just a word with no phonetic pronunciation”. This report shows a preliminary security rating for xkcd.

Xkcd Gay Dating Librarian

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Cueball asks Megan what she thinks a particular cloud looks like, following the common human activity of pareidolia, or spotting apparent patterns where there are none particularly in clouds.

Man: Does every porn site have to brant itself like this? > [[Pop-up window with blue background.]] We’re like Google Reader for S&M! Man: ((in italics)).

This wiki is primarily maintained by those who read and post in the thread, but anyone who is a fan of “Time” is free to join in on the conversation and work on articles. The forum thread’s community is known not only for their in-depth analysis and discussion of , but also creative endeavors relating to the webcomic. These include image manipulations of “Time” and other xkcd comics as well as original fanart, fiction and poetry. This filtering struck in the early days of the thread, and that whimsical attitude has persisted ever since, particularly toward language, with users continuing to add to the vocabulary of the community even today.

The thread grew initially because observers had to find a way to preserve and catalogue the individual frames of the webcomic, and many tools were invented to keep track of them, including this wiki. This desire to keep track of the past still exists in the community today. Much of this wiki concerns the thread rather than the original webcomic, because the users regard their own history with respect as well.

Currently the group is comprised mostly of users who seldom or never post outside of the topic, and the community tends to be essentially a self-enclosed bubble of the larger forums. Despite this, it does have a presence in other places, notably a private Facebook group, through a Cookie Clicker parody game created by one user of the community, and in the Pictionary-like game Drawception.

The users have formed strong connections over their shared interests, amiable personalities, and friendly mindsets, as well as a tendency to be mildly competitive with creative works; flame wars are essentially non-existent within the OTT, with good-natured ribbing and a focus on friendliness being paramount. They tend to be extremely welcoming of new faces, and are genuinely delighted when someone new to “Time” joins in the discussions; prior knowledge of the thread’s content is not a requirement for joining in.

‘xkcd’ author Randall Munroe explains life’s modern miracles

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Randall Munroe, the genius behind XKCD. 1 hr 27 min. Play button for Julián Castro’s quiet moral radicalism. Julián Castro’s quiet moral radicalism. 1 hr 7 min.

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Popular web comic XKCD shuts down forum after hack

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The latest comic from Adam Ellis is going viral once again, but people are now wondering who Viola Bloom actually is and whether her curse is real. I just finished my longest comic ever. I’ll be releasing it in parts over the next several days, but you can read the whole thing now on either my Patreon or Onlyfans. Census , we think that this particular Miss Bloom must have died before the census was taken. However, the website that Ellis describes in his comic is a real site and you can visit it yourself here.

Unfortunately, the website looks to have been created just a few days ago — most likely by Ellis himself. However, there are a number of fans that are a little concerned that this may not be the last they see of Viola Bloom…. I literally hate you. I knew that last page was coming, still made my stomach lurch. I’m mad the website exists. In other news, Scotty Cain allegedly ‘jumped’ in his recording studio – fans think rapper has responded on Instagram!

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Dating age equation xkcd

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The popular XKCD forum has been taken offline after personal The compromised data has been added to breach alerting site Have I Been Pwned to be constantly kept up-to-date, especially if they are from third-parties.

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